The Turkish bath is a place, where physical and spiritual cleaning takes place and is hundreds of years old.

In 1741 Istanbul built its first public bath house in Sultan Mehmet. Natural lighting and izonic colored tiles create a relaxing atmosphere.

When entering to Turkish bath, you leave all the hastiness of daily life outside, you exchange your clothes for a waistcloth and adorn the traditional clogs.

Inside temperature reach up to 50 degrees Celcius under the central dome of the building.

This heat and humidity opens the pores of body and extracts the fatty oils of the body in preparation for your scrub down and a massage by the attendant.

After a gentle soap massage you leave the bath place with towels and pass to resting room.

You leave the Turkish Bath renewed, beautiful and refreshed.

What is included

Pick up and drop service from your hotel in Sultanahmet or Taksim

Taking bath in the Turkish Bath


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