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Day 1:Morning depart to Antakya

Visit to the Grotto of St Peter, erected in the 13th century by the Crusaders. It was here that Peter preached his first sermon and founded the first Christian community. We will visit the Hatay Museum which houses one of the finest collections of Roman mosaics in the world.

Overnight in Antakya.

Day 2:Antakya-Urfa

Today we drive via the huge southeast Anatolia irrigation scheme to Urfa , also known as Sanliurfa or “Glorious Urfa” for its role in defending the Turkish Republic. Urfa stands at the edge of the great Mesopotamian Plain. Legend says that it was here that God saved Abraham when an angry Nimrod, the Assyrian king, threw him on a funeral pyre for destroying the pagan idols. To save him, God created a lake known today as the Pool of Abraham, which attracts many pilgrims, both Muslim and Christian. We also visit the village of Harran with its unusual beehive houses. The ancient city of Harran is famous for its biblical association. It was here where Abraham stayed for several years on his way to Canaan.

Overnight in Urfa.

Day 3:Urfa to Mt.Nemrut
Morning departure to Adiyaman to visit an incredible site, the giant heads on top of Mount Nemrut, 2150 m (7,052 feet). The view once you climb up the hill to view the sunset on Nemrut by the statues of gods of the Commegene civilization is breathtaking.This vast funeral monument, built by the dynastic ruler Antiochus, is unlike anything else in the world with a remote and isolated location at the top of the mountain. Virtually unknown until after the Second World War, the site was first excavated by the American school of Oriental Research in Connecticut, some years after the war. Mount Nemrut is often called the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Afternoon Drive to Mardin

Stay Mardin

Day 04:Mardin; In the morning visit Mardin . Mardin is very unique with lovely old-Arabic style houses. The houses are often decorated with intricate carvings. This is a very lively trading center with people coming from surrounding villages to buy and sell. We will have a fantastic view of the Plain of Mesopotamia. It is a city that played an important role in the early development of Christianity. We will also visit the Monastery of Deyr-az-Zaferan just outside of town, founded in 762 A.D. It was the seat of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch for almost 800 years.We  drive to Hasankeyf, with stop at the beautiful little town of Midyat to see the Monastery and ancient houses on the way. Hasankeyf, with its history that spans nine civilizations, the archaeological and religious The history of Hasankeyf goes back 10,000 years. This is three times longer than the Giza pyraids, 10 times longer than Stonehenge, and makes the glorious civilizations of the Maya and Inca seem as if they were flourishing just yesterday. Some of the city’s historical treasures will be inundated if construction of the Ilısu Dam is completed. These include ornate mosques, Islamic tombs and cave churches.

Evening Flıght to Istanbul

End of Our Sevice


What is included

All the transfers from Airport to hotel and back.
• Internal flight tickets from Istanbul to Antakya and Mardın to Istanbul
• 3 Night Accommodation
• Lunches
• Professional English speaking guide
• Transportation by airconditioned, nonsmoking vehicle

Not included :
Drinks, tips to guide and driver, personal expenses and optional tours

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Canakkale Helen Hotel
Cappadocia Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Dedeli Deluxe Hotel
Istanbul Hotel Sokullu Pacha
Kahta ZEUS HOTEL ****
Konya Hich Hotel
Kusadasi Palm Hotel ***
Pamukkale Colossea Thermal Hotel ****
Sanliurfa MANICI HOTEL ****

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